One of the most trending shows, named Keetal And Sons, you might know but this show is getting high TRP, one of the best competitors for all the shows and serials. Newly started this show is being liked by the audience, the show moves around the city where girls are not allowed to work, so the pair of sis Garima and Shishila, they are daughters of Dharm pal. In the last episode, you have seen that Dharmpal scolded his daughters for the pictures, which was shown by the Jagat to defame him. He thinks to get his daughters married to the other boys, who is actually a girl in the get up of boys. So let’s get started to know more.

Keetal And Sons

Keetal And Sons 5 January 2021 New Episode

As we know in the current episode lots of drama is going on, where Shushila and Garima are planning to come out of the situation, and they plan together. Finally, they thought to call Dharm pal and deny him for the marriage. Dharm Pal tries to convince then. But talk to Dharm pal in the get-up boys, that why were you caught on the scooter with my daughters, now you will have to get married because, in the whole society, the rumor has been spread of my daughter Garima and Sushila.

On the phone call, Dharm Pal gets angry when they deny marrying her daughters, they just say, we do not want to marry him, it is a misunderstanding of all of you, we were just getting her scooty repaired, apart from this nothing is going on with your daughter. In the next scene, we get to see, Dharm Pal says, now I will not talk about you anymore if you won’t marry my daughter then leave the job.

next time I will talk directly to your mom and dad about the marriage proposal. Or else you will have to level the work with my daughters. In the upcoming episode, we will see how Shushila and Garima manage all the things, or will they be getting married. Do watch the serial


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