Kecelakaan Cibubur: Chronology of the Cibubur Deadly Accident 10 dead: On 18th July 2022, a horrible incident took place in Cibubur on Monday around 15:55. This incident caused because of a Pertamina truck that hit two cars and more than 10 motorbikes in which many people died and got injured. An investigation by police has to go on as they have to hand over the dead bodies to their family.  This news has shocked everyone and this news is now coming in the top headline people are searching for this news and want to know the details of the whole incident. So we have collected the data and information on this news. Follow More Updates On

Kecelakaan Cibubur

What Happened In Cibubur?

A Pertamina fuel tanker truck was driving from Cibubur and there were some traffic lights on the road and the road was also not good. The truck break failed and many of the people were standing at that location as the traffic light was red as we said the truck break failed and the truck hit 10 motorcycles and two cars. Police said that this case will be seen as a crime and many lives were taken by this truck and the owner of this truck will be arrested soon.

How Many People Died In Kecelakaan Cibubur Accident?

As ten motorcycles and two cars were hit by the truck in which ten people died and five people got injured and were sent to the hospital immediately and they are recovering now. There are a total of nine bodies that are sent to the Police hospital two of them are identified as Pelda and his wife Priyastini and there are six male bodies and three female. The body has been given to the family for the funeral process and police asked for some data if their family members are lost. The police officer said he wants the bodies don’t get confused or handed over to the wrong person.

Well, the investigation is going on in this case and the driver and his assistant are under custody for further investigation. Police said that this is the same incident that happened previously in Balikpapan Ironton where trucks break failed and killed many people. The injured people’s family has called and now all five are alright one of the women got severe injuries on her head and doctors are trying to save her and many roads management team and businessman will be investigated in this case. Stay connected with us for more latest information.


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