In the previous episode of Kavach 2 Mahashivratri, we have seen Sandhya’s past husband Kapil, who waited for her about a century. Kapil possessed Angad and tried to come close to Sandhya. She came into their room, where Kapil tried to have a romance with Sandhya. He decided to spend the first night with his lady love, Sandhya. Angad aka Kapil switched off the lights of the room that made Sandhya scared after which Kapil got close to Sandhya. Kapil put his hand on Sandhya’s stomach for his evil intentions, but Sandhya’s cousins knocked on the door. Kapil became angry on her cousins and shut the door. He even made Ruhi feel unbearable stomachache.

Angad aka Kapil told Sandhya that they are married now and that no one can seprate them. He got succeed in his evil plan by using his powers to put Sandhya to sleep. Next morning, Sandhya told Angad to wake up, who asked Sandhya to give him their child as soon as possible. Angad’s changed behaviour confused Sandhya. Later, Nisha came into their room after which Sandhya apologized to her for mistaken their friendship with the affair.

In Colors TV Kavach 2 29th June 2019 episode, it seems the problems don’t let Sandhya and Angad live in peace. The two have started a new chapter of their life and has finally become each others’ partner officially. Sandhya’s past is all set to ruin her married life with Angad. Sandhya’s husband from past has now returned in the show. He has waited for Sandhya over 100 years and now he won’t let her go away from him. Sandhya’s past husband returns in the show as a powerful evil spirit, who possesses Sandhya’s man Angad and attacks on her loved ones. It would be very interesting to see how Sandhya manages to save Angad and her dear ones from her past husband. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Kavach 2 / Kawach 2 Mahashivratri and written episodes.


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