In the previous episode of Colors TV show Kawach 2 Mahashivratri, Kapil has turned Sandhya’s new home into a breeding ground with his supernatural powers. We have also seen Mallika Sherawat and Tusshar Kapoor in the show, who appeared in the show to promote their new show Boo Sabki Phategi. Tusshar and Malika arrived at Angad’s home, where Tusshar asked them to use their washroom, where he encountered with an evil spirit of a lady. While Kapil scared Malika. Tusshar and Malika, who visited Angad’s family as unsuspecting guests left shaking with fear when they encountered the ghosts.

Angad came to Sandhya and apolozied to her saying he is sorry for all that’s been happening in the house since she’d come to his house. He says to Sandhya that he cannot see her sad. He goes on to say that he knows that she is worried because of mom and that he also upset. He says that the mother will fight back and soon come home. He thanked Sandhya for being a support system for him. He managed to manipulate Sandhya through his words. He told Sandhya to not have any doubt in her heart. He asked Sandhya to trust him and told her that he truly loves him. Later, Angad and his family celebrated his parents’ 35th wedding anniversary in the hospital.

Kawach 2 Mahashivratri 13th July 2019, The evil spirit of Kapit has processed Angad. Kapil desperately wants to seprate Angad and Sandhya as he wants Sandhya at any cost. Kapil has pressed Angad’s body just to reach out to Sandhya. Angad doesn’t want Sandhya to have any problem in her life. He decides to go away from Sandhya to protect her from evil spirits while Kapil’s evil spirit troubles him. Angad locks himself inside the room so that he can maintain a distance from her for her own safety. Kapil troubles Angad very much and it gets difficult for Angad to get control on himself. Kapil will take the lives of people in the show. Will Sandhya manage to fight back with Kapil? Will she save her love Angad from the evil spirit of Angad? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Kawach / Kavach 2 Mahashivratri and written episodes.


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