We see that Ekta Kapoor has come with another supernatural theme serial which is getting popular. Sandhya listens that her husband says that they should not tell anybody about this. Sandhya leaves the home and walks. She was so disturbed. She reaches to the cliff. Then some lady comes there and she pushes Sandhya from the cliff. Then she was hanging on the cliff. She shouts for help but nobody comes. Then a man comes to save her. He asks her to crawl on him and go upwards. She crawls and goes upwards.

In Kavach 9th June 2019 episode written updates, we will see that Kapil will save Sandhya and they both are safe now. Kapil asks why you came here and you do not care about anybody. He says what will happen if you will die. He says that what will happen if you would have died. He says Angad does not loves you and care for you. Sandhya says we should go home. She says I cannot understand what is happening and I want answer from you and asks him to tell how you come in front of me every time. Kapil says I cannot tell you otherwise this will become complicated.

Sandhya says I want this to be clear. This is to tell you that you are not going to see another thing with you. Sandhya is so clear about the fact that she wants to know everything which is happening. Aai sees the black woman and she asks his son to tie the coconut to the door so that negative things cannot come in. She asks him to hurry up otherwise something bad will happen. He successfully ties the coconut which pandit ji gave him but then he falls down because of some spirit. Sandhya thinks about what she has seen there. She remains confused. For more updates of Kavach Season 2, written episode updates stay tuned with us.


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