Colors is back with the supernatural show Kavach Mahashivratri. In the latest episode, we see that Kapil says that he has to revive his family back and return to the world of humans. Angad comes back and becomes sad. Sandhya becomes so sad and says that he was lost and he is so unhappy with what happened with Ashutosh. Sandhya’s brother thinks that he has seen Angad in front of Ashutosh’s office. Sandhya asks him to relax and go to the room so that he can have rest. Angad asks Sandhya not to worry much and does the action like Kapil did. Sandhya becomes so scared.

In Kawach 2 Mahashivratri 6th July 2019 episode written updates, we will see that Sandhya will remember that Kapil also used to do this and she goes to his room. She listens to the same tone which Kapil used to play and she gets scared. Sandhya tries to find out where this is coming. She goes there and asks from where you learnt this tone. Angad says that I have learnt this only for you and asks why you became so surprised. Then Angad who is actually Kapil brings Sandhya closer to him and does romance with her.

First Sandhya was shocked and tells Angad that Kapil used to play this song. Angad says now the time is 3:00 pm. Angad goes in the room and then Angad’s soul fights with Kapil’s soul. Kapil and Angad then fight. Angad says that he is not scared of him. Then Kapil says I will kill Sandhya. Angad becomes scared and then asks what we have done and why you want to kill us. Mannu becomes so scared about the fact that Ashutosh died because of the devil and we all will be dead soon. For more updates of Kawach 2 Mahashivratri (Kavach Mahashivratri) episode written updates stay tuned with us.


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