Kawach Mahashivratri is the supernatural TV show which comes on Colors every Saturday and Sunday. Sandhya was in the room and she was about to kill herself. She lits up the room on fire. Then Angad comes there and saves her. Sandhya asks why he wants to save her no. Angad asks her to stay calm. Sandhya was very angry and asks him to stay away. He asks her to come inside as her hand has been burnt. Angad then makes her ready again and cures her hand.

In Kavach 2 Mahashivratri 20th July 2019 episode written updates, we see that Angad applies the cream on her hand. Then she plays with him. They both shares romantic moments. Angad thinks that only one hour is left as Kapil is about to come. He tells Sandhya that Kapil is coming in one hour and asks her to go away from him. He becomes emotional and says I cannot tell you anything here as Kapil will be listening to us. Sandhya says that come with me and there is one place where he cannot come. She takes him.

Sandhya takes him to the temple. Sandhya says maybe there is some wish which has not been fulfilled of Kapil. She asks if he has talked about anything which he wants. Angad says he never remember anything when he is inside him. Sandhya becomes so scared. She asks if you have any clue. Angad says that he has no clue about this. He tells that he always talks about killing people. He says that Kapil killed Ashutosh by me and they are having some motive. Sandhya asks whom they want to kill. Angad says we cannot defeat them as they are so powerful. For more updates of Kavach 2 Mahashivratri (Kawach Mahashivratri) stay tuned with us.



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