This is the recent show which is coming on Colors and replaced Naagin 3. In the latest episode of Kavach 2, we will see that Kapil is going to have Shivani and he says we should stop here. Then his eyes appear to be red. He then makes her wear some black thread and Sandhya starts behaving in the same way he wants. Pandit tells that Black spirit is now overpowering Sandhya, Sandhya becomes ready to do everything. Then they both start sharing some cozy moments. Sandhya becomes attracted to him.

In Kavach 2 Mahashivratri 16th June 2019 (Kawach Mahashivratri)episode written updates, we will see that Sandhya goes out and asks Kapil to come there with her as she will tell Angad about you. Sandhya goes out and yells at him. She says it’s over and asks why you would have come here. Then she asks him to go as he is happy with the new husband. Kapil comes outside and then Angad asks who is your husband. Kapil provokes Sandhya. Angad asks where is Kapil. Kapil comes there and provokes her that he is lying and why he is not recognizing him. Then she gets so angry.

Suddenly that black witch comes and asks Kapil to kill Angad. Sandhya sees that a tree is falling on Angad and then she saves him. Angad asks why you are saving me. Then she says that because of you are bad then this does not mean that I am bad also. She was in so much distress and asks him to go but he asks her to calm down. Kapil holds her hand and her hand floats in the air then he thinks why she is helping her. Sandhya tells that she is not as bad as him. She gets home and everybody gets surprised. Stay tuned for more updates of Kavach 2 (Kawach Mahashivratri)


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