We see in an earlier episode that Sandhya runs and then that coconut which was given by the pandit to the aai of Sandhya. Then Sandhya runs to the temple and cries there. The black spirit goes into another woman. Sandhya asks god why he has done this to her. She cries and says that whoever reads your name 108 times then you show them their future husband or wife. She says I saw the face of Angad then but he is not the right life partner for me. Before two days of marriage, he cheated me and she asks God why he did this to her.

In Kavach 15th June 2019 episode written updates, Sandhya is so tensed and asks why Kapil comes in front of her again and again. She remembers how Angad was with someone else and he has cheated her. She says I cannot do this and starts doubting God. She goes but then she stays and thinks she should wait here in order to get all the answers from Kapil. She goes outside and sees a man. She says that maybe he is Angad. She asks him to give her all the answers of the questions. Then Kapil comes there and she becomes shocked. Kapil says he wants to say something.

He asks where is Angad and why he did not come here. Kapil says I am thinking only about you from the first day I have seen you. He says I fell in love with you. He says I tried to forget you but suddenly you come to me. Sandhya asks him to let her go but Kapil says God brings me in front of you. We will get to know that Kapil is the bad spirit and he wants to have Sandhya. Pandit sees something and he says that Sandhya is in danger. For more updates of Kavach 2 (Kawach Mahashivratri) stay tuned with us.


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