In the previous episode of Colors TV Kavach Mahashivratri (Kawach 2), we have seen Angad and Sandhya’s romantic dance performance at their Haldi function. The two were all smiling and enjoying their wedding function. Everyone enjoyed the family dance while Nisha was getting extremely jealous. Nisha came up with an evil plan to take revenge from Sandhya as she is unable to bear the thought of her love Andag married to Sandhya. Nisha said she wouldn’t let Sandhya have Andag and her wealth. Nisha came into Angad’s room and tried to flirt with him. She tried to get back into Angad’s life. But Angad pushed her away and told her to maintain the distance. He said that he will never return into her life. He went on to say that he’ll only belong to Sandhya from now on. She planned to unleash evil spirits to take revenge from Sandhya. She removed the Trishul that was used to trap the evil spirits.

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In Colors TV show Kavach Mahashivratri 23rd June 2019, Sunday episode, the lovebirds finally become each other officially as Sandhya, and Angad gets married after facing many hurdles. The latest episode of the show is a treat for all Angad and Sandhya’s fans out there as the two lovers finally tie the knot with each other after facing many problems, but their problems don’t end here. It seems like problems will never leave Sandhya and Angad alone. The two starts a new chapter of their life.

Fans were eagerly waiting for Sandhya and Angad’s marriage. Sandhya becomes Angad’s bride in the latest episode of the show. But a storm is all set to hit Sandhya’s life hard that will shake her world upside down. In the upcoming rack of the show, Kapil will become troublesome for Sandhya as will become a danger for Sandhya’s husband, Angad. It would be very interesting to see how Sandhya will manage to save Angad’s life from danger. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Kavach (Kawach) 2 Mahashivratri and written episodes.


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