The latest episode of Colors TV show Kavach 2 or Kawach 2 is going to be super exciting that you just cannot miss if you are a true fan of the show. The latest drama show has recently replaced Color TV’s most popular show Naagin 3 and has already created its special place in the viewers’ heart. The is receiving a quite good response from the viewers and attracting more and more viewers due to its engaging story plot and unique characters. After entertaining the audience with its successful first season, the show is now back with its second installment. The title of the second season of the show is Kavach: Maha Shivratri, the show was premiered on 25th May 2019. The show is entertaining the audience for the past two weeks.

There is high-voltage drama going on in the show as there is so much happening. In the previous episode of Colors TV show Kavach/Kawach 2, Sandhya’s excitement of the marriage fade away after she finds out that Angad and Nisha, who is Angad’s childhood friend, are hiding something from her. We have also seen Sandhay’s doing Tandav in which Kabir joined her in the middle; it was a dream sequence Sandhya had. Sandhya’s suspicious turned into something horrible when something unusual took place. A dead body surfaced to everyone’s notice in the house. Everyone wondered who is responsible for such mishappening?

In Kavach season 2 8th June 2018 episode, Sandhya is in significant confusion. Who will become Sandhya’s life partner — Angad or Kabir? On the other hand, an evil spirit is making Sandhya’s life a living hell. The evil spirit is after a Mangalsutra Sandhya is having with her. The evil spirit is in the house because of that Mangalsutra only. Sandhya will take a significant decision regarding Angad, and she will call off her marriage with him. Sandhya’s decision to break marriage with Angad will shock everyone. Sandhya will ask Angad to define his and Nisha’s relationship with each other. Will Angad tell the truth to Sandhya? Will Angad manage to save his relationship with Sandhya? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Kavach 2 and written episodes.


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