In today’s episode of Star plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Mohini introduced Maloy to Tapur’s in-laws. Anupam came there and said I will introduce Maloy to everyone as he wanted to see if everything is fine or not. Maloy saw Komolika makes Prerna bump into Vikrant and Anurag noticed Prarna falling on Vikrant. On the other hand, Maloy also got angry to see Komolika’s recent move.

Anurag wanted to talk to Prerna, just then Prerna received a call from Vikrant on her cell phone. Prerna was going to Vikrant when Anurag started following her. He came to Prerna and told her that he wanted to talk to her, but she refused by saying that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Anurag took her into a room and asked her what is going on between her and Vikrant. He told her that she should be careful while walking and that why she bumped into Vikrant.

Prerna told Anurag that Vikrant is better than him in everything and that he does not roam around Komolika like him. It made Anurag feel jealous. He then pulled Prerna closer to him and said I know you feel for me when I come close to you and that I can hear your heartbeats that increase when we come close to each other. He said that he can read her eyes. Anurag pulled her closer after which she left from there. Anurag told himself that I know no one can love Prerna more than me then why am I feeling Jealous?

On the other hand, Komolika setup a new trap. She bribed a waiter and told him to serve drinks with drugs to Prerna and Vikrant. Komolika then had a word with Maloy, telling him that whatever I did today affected Anurag. She told Maloy that Anurag is now feeling jealous and that she wanted to cash this opportunity. She told her plan to Maloy that she is going to lock Vikrant and Prerna to her room in a drunk state and that she has also placed a camera there in Prerna’s room.

Anurag had a word with Vikrant, telling him that Tapur is going to be a part of his family and he wanted to maintain good relations between both the families. Anurag also advised him to stay away from Prerna. Viewers will also get to see an amazing dance performance of Komolika and Prerna. Stay tuned with us for more updates and written episodes of Star Plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kay.


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