Star Plus TV show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th May 2019 episode starts with loving moments between our lovebirds, Anurag and Prerna. Anurag comes close to Prerna. Prerna feels pain around her ears, so Anurag sweetly puts a cream behind her ears. Prerna gets surprised to see Anurag like this and she closes her eyes. Prerna thinks that finally, everything is getting back to normal. But Anurag tells her that he only supported her because she presents herself as Anurag Basu’s wife in front of everyone. He continues to say that his family’s reputation is everything for him.

Anurag than goes into a lawn and sits there while Anurag’s behavior surprises Prerna. Anurag starts talking to the moon while sitting in the lawn. Anurag says while looking at the moon that Prerna used to tell you everything and you help her find the solution to her problems. He says that I will also share my problems with you from now onwards. Anurag thinks how he will manage to escape from Komolika’s questions for supporting Prerna in front of everyone.

On the other hand, Prerna also looks at the moon from her room. She thinks that Anurag always comes forward to support her whenever she gets into a problem. She thinks why Anurag wants her to hate him? Talking about another couple of Basu family, Nivedita, and Anupam, they both are coming closer to each other. Nivedita says that she is proud of her brother, who saves the reputation of a woman. Anupam also gets happy by listening such words from Nivedita. He thinks that Nivedita is finally changing for a good.

Next morning Anurag comes to his father, Maloy, where he sees that Maloy refuses to take the medicine. Prerna notices it and enters the room. She tells Anurag to let her try. Prerna makes Maloy and Anurag both emotional after which Anurag walks out of the room. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite show Kasautii Zindagii Kay and written episodes.


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