Tonight’s episode of Star Plus Kasautii Zindagii Kay was way too interesting. Prerna taught a lesson to Komolika once again. When Komolika went down to touch her father-in-law’s feet, he put the hot soup on her hand. It made Komolika extremely angry and she was about to slap the nurse but Prerna appeared at the right time. Prerna told Komolika that may be Mr. Maloy is not ready to accept her as their daughter-in-law and thus he showed his love towards Prerna only. Angry Komolika went into her room while Mohini followed her to her room to make her up.

Star Plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 6th May 2019 episode started with Mohini and Nivedita. They were happy due to Maloy’s comeback. Mohini said that she will give big good news to Maloy that Tamod’s marriage has been fixed with the boy Maloy like a lot. Nivedita asked where is Komolika and rang her up but she disconnected the phone call. On the other hand, Komolika who was locked inside the cupboard struggled to come out. She removed her coat inside the cupboard.

A nurse came there and opened up the door. Everyone was so happy in the Basu house as Maloy has come back to the home. Mohini first told Maloy about Tamod. She said that they have done some really good deeds as Maloy wanted it to be. While Maloy was thinking that allowing Komolika to stay in their home is one of the biggest mistakes. The nurse told the Basu family that Maloy needs some rest.

Anurag thanked Prerna to which she said that Maloy is like my father so he doesn’t need to say thanks to her ever again. Prerna said that she loves Maloy equally like her father. She said that she will take good care of him. Viewers will get to see the strong bonding between Anurag and Prerna which is getting stronger with time. The two are coming close to each other and talking nicely with each other.

Anurag brought a wheelchair for Maloy. Maloy was about to fall down from the wheelchair but Prerna held him and saved him from the fall. He put his hand on Prerna’s head and gave her his blessings. Maloy got angry to see Komolika. She whispered in his ear that she has become a wife of Anurag now. Maloy threw soup on her hand when she went down to touch her feet.


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