Here, in this blog, we going to talk about one of the best Hindi serial shows ” Kasauti Zindagi ki”. Today”s episode begins with Kamoli asking about the Anurag. Komolika says he is no here. Mohini asks her what happen. Komolika replies that she has some small important work, she will tell you. She thinks where is he, that time will be finish soon. Ronit said to Shivani to tell me about the song. Shivani starts singing “Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye”. Ronit said that is your caller tune.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Episode

She sings “Ajeeb Daastan hai ye”. They said Prerna like this song. Ronit said this song is a favourite song of Shivani and her family. Anurag said that you think that this problem is created by me, this door is stuck, it is not because of me it’s hurt me and don’t forget that you are that one who doesn’t want to me in my life. I even try to kill you, I just get lost you from my little world. She replies that she remembers everything that you get fail badly, now I am here in front of you just because of you so that you will be a success. Then they hear Ajeeb Dastaan song playing. Ronit and Shivani do the dance.  Prerna remembers the Anuran and her dance days. She crying and sit on the chair. Cookie and Kaushik see each other and everyone dancing here and there.

Anuran remembers the Prerna. She starts crying and said why you do this with her and you kill those ones who don’t have any fault. She remembers the Sneha. She asked why you finish all the thing, Don’t you miss Sneha. She says you did so wicked and the toy did really bad with her. She said when dreams will break so they give too much pain but now hope is to die, the person is no more, I want justice, I want revenge. Anurag sees her. She said you didn’t ask anything about the Sneha even one time and he holds her, she is crying.

Nivedita said I have cracked a project for the company. Mr. Bajaj says that he didn’t understand the things. Can I ask directly I can’t keep anyone here, why you told me these things? She thinks that how can she say that she tries to impress him. For more updating written episodes stay connect with us and keep watching “kasuati Zindagi ki” on star plus and anytime on the hostars.


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