Mohini tells Anurag that her missing necklace is her family heirloom and that she should call the police. Anurag suggests that its a family matter and involving the police into it isn’t a good idea. Prerna’s brother’s wife Suman receives a call from Nivedita on the landline number. Nivedita tells Suman that her mother’s necklace is missing. She says, “Can you ask Mrs. Veena if she has accidently taken her mother’s necklace with her?” She adds that I am asking this because my mom had given many gifts to Mrs. Veena and that Mohini might have given that necklace to Mrs. Veena accidentally. Suman hangs up the call.

In Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th June 2019 episode, everyone in Prerna’s home gathers near the phone, including Prerna. Suman tells everyone that she’s feeling humiliated. She says that Prerna’s mother-in-law’s necklace has been stolen and Nivedita her to ask her mother-in-law Veena to check the jewellery which she received from the Basu family as gifts. She goes on to say, “Does she think we are thieves?” Mohini tells Anurag that she has seen the CCTV footage in which Veena is stealing the necklace. She informed the police about the matter to claim the insurance for that necklace. Anurag says to Mohini that she should have informed him before calling the police. In response, Mohini says that he barely has any time for her these days.

Anurag feels like something terrible is going to happen. He receives a call from Prerna. She tells Anurag that her mother doesn’t have Mohini’s missing necklace. Anurag says that his mother must have misunderstood. Suman angrily says that Mohini is doubting her mother-in-law, Veena. Police arrive at Prerna’s home and take Veena to the police station. Mohini says that Anurag and Prerna won’t let go of each other but the two can be separated and that Veena will help her in separating Anurag and Prerna. She says Veena can stop her daughter by telling her that she doesn’t want any relationship with th Basu family. No matter what the reason is but she has to stop Anurag and Prerna’s marriage, she adds. Later, Mr. Bajaj stirs more trouble for Anurag. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Star Plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kay and written episodes.


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