The latest episode of Star Plus’ popular serial Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Prerna staring at Anurag, while he was enjoying rain in the morning. Anurag asked Prerna to come close to him in the balcony, the two played with raindrops and had a romantic moment. The new episode of the show is the perfect treat for all Anu-Pre fans out there as it features romantic scenes between the two. However, it was a dream sequence. Prerna started daydreaming while missing Anurag at her home. Shivani came to her room and teased her. Shivani asked Prerna to come downstairs as the mother was waiting for her. Prerna called Anurag, Anupam picked up her call. Prerna asked about Anurag. Anupam told her that Anurag had forgotten his phone at home as he seemed stressed out.

In Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th June 2019 episode, Anurag watched news about Mr. Bajaj in his office and got more stressed. Anurag said Basu Industries is Mr. Bajaj’s next target and that he will enter our company somehow. He said we have to stop Mr. Bajaj. On the other hand, Prerna’s mother Veena seemed stressed out because of whatever happened at the Basu house at the engagement ceremony. She got angry on Shivani, who asked her when they will go to Basu house for another ritual. Veena took out the vessel of holy water of Ganga from the chest and put the water on herself saying, a few drops of the water from the river Ganga can sanctify any soiled thing, but my heart is disgusted by the stench of fish. She said she must tell Prerna about Mohini.

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Veena came to Prerna’s room to talk to her about Mohini, where she found Prerna stressed out because of Anurag. She decided not to speak about Mohini right now and encouraged her to support Anurag. Veena thought in her head that she would suffer through anything for the happiness of her daughter, Prerna. While Anurag got worried about his company, Prerna motivated him. Later, Prerna hatched a plan to gather information about Mr. Bajaj. What will happen next? How Anurag and Prerna will handle Mr. Bajaj? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Kasautii Zindagii Kay and written episodes.


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