In tonight’s episode of Star Plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kay stars with Komolika steals evidence against her from Vikrant. Anurag and Prerna take Vikrant to the hospital, where the doctor gives him medical treatment. Prerna prays for Vikrant. Anurag consoles Prerna in the hospital as she starts crying. Prerna reminds the time when she got fainted into the storeroom and Anurag was so close to her when she opened up her eyes. The doctor tells Anurag Vikrant has received a serious head injury and that cannot say anything when he will wake up. Prerna thinks of sharing her feelings with Anurag and to tell her that what might be the reason behind Vikrant’s accident.

In Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th May 2019 episode, Prerna has a strong doubt on Komolika that she is the reason behind Vikrant’s accident. On the other hand, Komolika burns the evidence against her she stole from Vikrant. Basu family and Tapur’s in-laws have a get-together to resolve all the issues before their marriage. Tapur tells everyone that they two are going to tie a knot with each other. Everyone gets happy with it. Tapur requests her family to organize Sangeet function tomorrow.

Prerna shares her feelings with Maloy, saying that there is something wrong with Komolika. She tells him that Vikrant was coming to see her and Anurag and that Vikrant told her that he wanted to tell her something shocking about Komolika and then he met with an accident. She says that she doesn’t accept that this is just an accident. Maloy wants to tell Prerna everything about Komolika but he is helpless. Maloy thinks in her head that Komolika is hiding her real identity and that she destroys people who try to expose her. Maloy is now worried about Prerna as she is suspicious of Komolika now and if Komolika learns about it she will definitely hurt Prerna. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Kasautii Zindagii Kay and written episodes.


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