The Monday’s episode of Star Plus TV show Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Prerna’s mother Veena thanking Mohini for accepting Anurag and Prerna’s love. Veera tells Mohini that she won’t regret giving blessings to Prerna. She goes on to say that Prerna’s grandmother used to say that whichever family Prerna goes to, she’ll fill it will happiness. Mohini passes a smile to Veena and thinks in her head that she doesn’t need Prerna to maintain joy and peace in her home. On the other hand, Anurag gets to know during the engagement ceremony that if their cheques don’t get cleared within two days, they’ll not get the paper that will affect their business as they cannot print newspaper without paper.

Tapur and her would-be-husband have some romance in the engagement function while Anurag leaves his engagement ceremony and visits Mr Mukharjee, who wasn’t picking up his calls. Anurag asks Mr Mukharjee, “Have you forgotten about your bond with my father?” He says to Mr Mukharjee that he came to them and requested to transfer all their current accounts in his bank. He asks Mr Mukharjee why have his bank accounts been frozen and why have all his transactions been blocked. Mr Mukharjee tells Anurag to leave from his house. In the engagement ceremony, Shivani sees Ronit outside from the window. She panics and tells Anupam about it, but he says Ronit cannot come here and you’re just scared of him. Mr Mukharjee tells Anurag that Mr Bajaj is behind all of this.

In Star Plus show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th June 2019, Mr Bajaj makes an entry while Anurag freaks out over whatever is happening in his life. Karan Singh Grover is playing the role of Mr Bajaj in the show. Anurag receives a call from Prerna; she asks Anurag what is bothering him. Anurag tells her that Mr Bajaj is the reason behind his stress. He says he’s out right now. Mohini gathers everyone to perform a ritual; she tells Prerna that the engagement cannot compete without a gift from mother-in-law to daughter-in-law. Veena handovers a big plate with gifts to Veena and tells her to handover it to Prerna. When Veena opens it, she gets shocked to see a dead fish in the plate, and the plate gets a slip from her hand. Mohini creates a scene at Anurag and Prerna’s engagement ceremony. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Kasautii Zindagii Kay and written episode.


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