In this blog, we are going to discuss one of the highest TRP shows of a small screen, which is “Kasuati Zindagi”. So in today’s upcoming episode begin with Prerna gets the call from Mr.Bajaj. He said to come on early in my room. Veena thinks that I know Prerna will not accept the Shiwani relationship. Prerna asks that you are not ready still. He said it is about to his reputation, so promise to me that you can’t laugh on it. I really don’t want to wear this type of sherwani and look like a joke. She laughs and makes him understand if you wear this sherwani so you will look like an administrator.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki

Anurag comes and sees them laugh. Shri Bajaj said that he is serious and he doesn’t want to wear this dress. She says there is no other option for you, wear this dress, black color. He said the light color is better. she asks him why you call me here. He says I will let you know after some time. She goes from there. Veena comes and takes Anurag with her and says  I never ever talk to you like this, I was worried that you and Komolika will again in a relationship, I feel that Komolika did wrong with her, I came running to you, I don’t want to listen to a single word to you I know that you are the culprit, you kept her 8 years from us, I don’t want that you will come at home.

But you become the Ronit brother in law, I was thinking that Ronit is a bad boy, he proves me wrong in front of everyone. Yes, it is right that I don’t like you, Because to try to kill my daughter. You look like an innocent boy and I always thought that you always take care of my daughter but now I understand that what kind of person you are I will not live you and take away with my daughter. She threats him and he asks the Sneha. She says you don’t deserve to take her name.

Then the Sameedha and Priyanka meet with the Prerna. Priyanka tells her that she is so excited to meet with you, now she is so close to you. Prerna says leave Sameedha with me and you will go. Stay tuned with us for more updating written news and stay safe!


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