The episode starts with Ishani saying is kritika who is this. Kritika says what? Ishani says Hello Ranvir what’ up. Ishani says to Ranvir how to do you. Ranvir says in how. Ranvir saying is I have come to meet you. Ishani saying is oh my god, really I don’ t believe this. Ishani says I am a big fan of you. Ishani says but is not my room. this is a kritika room. Ranvir says I don’ t know, this connection is wrong . Ishani says don’ t worry, now is right. Ranvir says yes ” now right”. Ishani saying is Ranvir I all meet you. kritika says what all this happening! What is happening today . what is wrong and what is right. Malishka ‘ sister says  to Malishkayou was going to marry Ranvir, and now you blame it. Malishka says I have to do this. Malishka says di you remembered. Ranvir comes from Canada. what did he say to the family? Malishka ‘ s sister yes,  I remembered. Malishka says I listened to her. Ranvir says to Akki,  I beat them. I can’t take her property. Ranvir says to Akki I beat Mr. Batra. Malishka says will he beat us. We beat him . my lawyer helped me. Malishka says Ranvir go back to Canada.

Ishani says who has come to see mom. Pummy says who come so late .pummy says Ranvir Kapoor come to my home. Ishani says yes Mumma he meet him. Pummy says Ishani, you both friends. Ranvir says yes. The dummy saying is Ranvir sit here. Punny asks kritika punjaban bring to cold water. Kritika says yes,  I bring a cold water. Akki says I know Ranvir will be inside. Ishani saying his a father come to the home. Akki says yes, I will come. Ishani says Akki you come here. Akki says yes, Ishani says I called her my father. Akki says I don’ t come without invitation. Ishani says to dad look inside who has come. Ishani asks Ranvir Kapoor’s has come. Ishani ‘ s father says what is real. Ishani ‘ s father says who is this. Ishani saying is he is Ranvir ‘ brother. Kritika gives Ranvir cold water.

Akki says to kritika this is mineral water. Kritika is no, this is water of pot. Akki says my brother does not like the pot of water. Kritika saying is real. The water from the pot is in our house. Ranvir says don’ t worry, I like pot water. Akki saying is okay, you drink pot water. The Pummy saying is Kritika make tea. Kritika asks okay. Akki says my brother don’ t like it. Ranvir says no,  I like it. Ranvir tells I loved tea. Akki thinks about it. Ranvir says to mom I don’t like tea,  I hate tea.

pummy says oh my god. she is saying how much is Ranvir Kapoor’ s clothes. Pummy says Ishani don’ t match it. Pummy asks Ishani help me. Ishani says yes Mumma, I will come. Pummy tea drops are Ishani clothes. Pummy says to Ishani change your dress. Pummy asks Ishani you wear a dress. Ishani says to Mumma, you are doing it like I got married. Pummy says I feel good Ranvir ‘ brother. This is what’ going on in my mind. Pummy says I have to click a selfie with Ranvir Kapoor and will show my neighbors. Akki says to Ranvir when did you start to drink tea. Ranvir says right now. Ranvir spoke I spent this time with Kritika. Akki says okay your Kritik. Ranvir says yes my Kritik. Kritika says I make a tea.


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