The episode starts with Ranvir says to Akki that which dress I wear. I looking so handsome. Akki says thank god that finally you select your dress and definitely she is will also like your dress. Kritika says how can I say yes to Ranvir and how can I go but he is my friend. Jiyana is saying, Mumma, I am going to the office. Kritika is saying to Jiyana you going to the office. Kritika says to Jiyana that I drop you.

Jiyana asking for kritika that are you talk to Ranvir. Kritika sad “no” but suddenly kritika changed her mind and said yes. Jiyana is saying are you forgive Ranvir. so Kritika said yes and today I thank to Ranvir. Kritika saying to Jiyana that let’ s come in office Jiyana asking for kritika that you know. where is way office and what I do? Jiyana is saying I am right. Kritika asking ” No”. Jiyana is saying to kritika I did n’ t discuss this matter. Kritika is saying Jiyana can I drop you. Pummy listened to kritika ‘ s voice and advice her that you should go with kritika and saved money. Jiyana says kritika you are big loyal. Pummy asking kritika comes to with Jiyana evening. kritika sad that why is my heart breathing very fastly and why I am attracting towards Ranvir. kritika is saying to put mine by an aunt. Ranvir ‘ s dad asks Akki that where is your partner. Akki ‘ s my partner. I don’ t married. Ranvir ‘ s dad is saying I ask you, brother, Ranvir. Ranvir ‘ mom told everyone that still Ranvir is getting ready …and this day special for him

Akki said that Ranvir getting ready for today and some think is special for him. Akki says that brother will ask how am I looking Ranvir ‘ s mom says that you have a girlfriend who is she. Ranvir ‘ s father says that he can’ t be got married without my consent. Suddenly says that he can be got married himself. Ranvir ‘ s father says Ranvir choice is my choice. Ranvir ‘ s dad says that bride comes and suddenly Ranvir is open the door and while opening the door Ranvir saw Malishka and Malishka ‘ s father with police. the inspector is saying who is Ranvir Kapoor.

I arrested you. Malishka says that Ranvir has tried to harass with me. Ranvir ‘ mom says my son doesn’t do this. Malishka ‘ s says is Ranvir ‘ mom last night Ranvir try and do this. Malishka’s sister says that Malishka right to a large extent and every son is the apple of his father eyes I have seen that hotel which had Malishka and Ranvir. Ranvir ‘ s mom says my son doesn’t do this work. Malishka is asking Ranvir ‘ mom when Ranvir has called me in his make up a room when I went to him and Ranvir ‘ s mom that Ranvir’ s tried to like that with me. Ranvir said to them … Shut up. malishka is telling a die … I did n’ t do like that .malishka says that had drunk. Already.

Ranvir says that I did not try to rap her and am slipped her Ranvir says that. My brother. Is not telling die. Because my brother had told. Me already in morning. Malishka ‘ s father is saying my daughter is innocent. Batra says Ranvir and Ranvir ‘ s family is cheap. Inspector arrested Ranvir. Ranvir ‘ s dad I quickly stay away. Ranvir ‘ mom saying don’t worry. Jiyana and kritika stuck in the traffic jam. Auto and jeep each other. but Ranvir and kritika don’ t see each other.


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