A piece of great news has just arrived for all the fans who watched the spectacular movie RX100. Yes, the famous and talented actor Kartikeya Gummakonda got engaged with his longtime girlfriend Lohitha Reddy. The actor engaged with his girlfriend in an intimate ceremony in which he only invited some close friends family members. They both engaged with each other on Monday and his fans are very happy after knowing this heart-melting news. Everyone knows that the actor is very famous and already worked in several movies to show his real talent and create such a huge fanbase all around the country.

Kartikeya Gummakonda and Lohitha Reddy Engaged Pictures Images Viral On Social Media

The great news has been announced by the actor himself through his Instagram account where he shared the picture with his wife. Not only this, but he also shared a throwback picture of himself along with Lohitha and it has been supposed that the picture was from their college days. They both always stand with each other at every stage of their life and now they both will be going to step up to the next level of life and will tie the knot with each other to live the entire life together. Every fan of the actor is very happy to know this and just wants to watch the marriage of both.

The actors shared the caption on the Instagram post and wrote “Feeling elated to announce my engagement with my best friend who now is my partner for life. From 2010when I first met #Lohitha in NITwarangal to now and many more such decades”. Currently, the actor is working on his upcoming movie and he is very busy in the shooting of Raja Vikramarka. Not only this, but he also currently working on a project named Valmai. Now, all the fans are very excited to see the marriage of both celebrities.

Just after the actor shared the picture of himself on Instagram, the comments on the post continuously touching the peak, and every fan giving them lots of blessings and good wishes for their future life. The actor actually got his wide popularity when he worked in the movie RX100 and after that, his popularity never goes down and millions of people always watch his brand new movies. Our best wishes and pure blessings with the couple who will go to marry soon. Actor Kartikeya Gummakonda and Lohitha Reddy who is his long-time girlfriend have engaged with each other and will be marrying soon.


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