Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu Television Series that loved by many viewers. The show is airing from 16th October 2020 and made a very huge fan base from starting. The show contains a very high TRP and many viewers regularly watched the show. The daily update of Karthika Deepam is that Deepa requests Hema to discuss her as her mother until she finds her parents. Hima replies to Deepa that she only watch me as a mother and this is not enough to become my mother. Deepa stunned and wept. Saourya leaves the room who placing Hima’s clothes. Hima asks Deepa if I hurt you? Why are you crying?


Hima upsets Deepa by pointing her

Deepa states no, you are right, Vantalakka couldn’t be your mother. Deepa says I pray to the goddess to show your mother. After that, Hima feels happy and goes to prepared. Saundarya sees Maunitha in the entrance and stops her to says Deepa that Maunitha had come. Deepa goes to Mounitha with Trishul and Mounitha gets stunned and it turns into Mounitha imagination. Karthik imagines that they can turn down Mounita but Deepa requests her to come inside for Aarti. Everyone is stunned by the shuffle. The upcoming episode of Karthika Deepam will be interesting and the situation is also amazing.

Aditya asks to knows what happening and stunned after seeing that Saundarya speaking with Mounitha. Deepa grant Aarti to Karthik, Aditya, Hima, and Sourya. Saundarya asks Aditya to call Pandit. Pandit organizes the things then Soundarya requests Mounitha to sit beside her FIR Pooja. Aditya says I’m not been able to watch the scenes. Pandit asks for Akshantalu and then Soundarya requests Mounitha to call her from the kitchen. The upcoming episode of Karthika Deepam becomes more interesting and comes with many twists and shocking incidents.

Mounitha slipped in the upcoming episode of Karthika Deepam

Pandit requests Deepa to sit beside the left of her spouse and then Hima gives her place to makes Deepa sit beside Karthik. After that, Deepa feels happy and Murali Krishna sees them happily. Later, Mounitha comes out and slipped. Due to Mounitha Akshantula fells on Karthik and Deepa. Everybody is happy except Mounitha. The pandit says why it was put on them before worship then Soundarya says it is the blessing from the goddess. Karthika Deepam is going to take many turns and interesting twists in the upcoming episode. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of Karthika Deepam on Star Maa at 07:30 pm.


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