Television Serial has complete its 874 episodes and continually rising upward with great audience TRP. The serial is popular for its suspense and Drama. The fully loaded dramatic entertaining serial takes place on it regular timing at its regular channel. Here we will discuss the written update of Karthika Deepam of the upcoming episode of November 2. Let’s explore the forefront incidents of this serial and what is going in tonight’s episode.

Karthika Deepam 1st November Written Episode Latest Today Update Spoiler Alert

Written Update of Karthika Deepam November 2, 2020 episode 874.

As we saw in earlier episode of Karthika Deepam Maunita comes and slips her legs… Karthik and Deepa live a happy life but there is something going to happen which twist the story with an unexpected turn. Deepa says that ‘Mother blessed me’. The axons reunite and give silence. If the scene is cut.. he takes the swan to the tree and tells them to tie the knots while telling story.

The story of episode revolves around Karthik and Deepa who are soulmate and childhood lovers. Both are ready to tie the knots very soon. When both get married it adds love spices. Karthik and Deepa these two are the main lead characters of this serial and without them story is nothing. Karthik fights against everyone for his love. In this upcoming episode, there is something let’s explore it.

Suddenly something is ging t happen and Karthik says slowly with Aditya. Does it feel like that to me.. Says Aditya. Aditya is the brother of Karthik and both of them never take any decision without discussing with each other. Anyways Karthik drags the slips and comes forward. He says ‘Did you bring my slips?’ there is no better way than this to know what is on someone’s mind. You should watch this serial on its telecast channel. T know the future updates you can visit this website anytime on an everyday basis.


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