Karthika Deepam is an Indian Telugu Television Series airing on Star Maa. It is also streaming on Hotstar and getting lots of impressions from the audience. Recently the show completed its 868 episodes and today on 28th October 2020 will be completed 869 episodes. It is a romantic drama based television series and premiered on 16th October 2017 and regularly airing on Star Maa currently. Also, the show regularly coming on top of the chart from starting and the TRP of the show will regularly be giving a very genuine result in every episode. The show is the remake of the Malayalam Television Series Karuthamuthu. The latest episode of the show Karthika Deepam will be aired on Star Maa at 07:30 pm.

Karthika Deepam 28th October Written Update Latest Episode Spoiler Alert Twist

Maunita is waiting to trap Kartik

The upcoming episode of Karthika Deepam begins with Deepa asking why Saundarya is disturbed. Maunita is waiting to trap Kartik and Kartik tried to marry Maunita in despair mood. After that, Saundarya said that Maunita is not afraid to look at Kartik and started her play with Kartik. This time we should avoid the silence and test our patience. Later, Suriya brings Hima and Hima said that we are sitting alone and she bought her forcibly. After that, Hima asks them to take Suriya, and Saundarya and Deepa ask Hima to be the same as before.

Later, Saundarya says it is not good and Hima says I have learned many things to know about solar. Deepa asks them to stop thinking like these and tell them to get ready. Sourya asks them that Anji was gone somewhere. Saundarya says that he will arrange for another driver to prepare for his vacations. After that, Murali Krishna buys apples and the seller asks him what happened this time he is buying apples. Murali asks him that Karthik allowed Deepa to go to his home.

Karthika Deepam will be looking more interesting in tonight’s episode

Murali sees Kartik near the place and asks how he is. Kartik said he is OK and asks if he is going to meet Deepa. Murali says yes and then Kartik says your daughter coming between me and my daughter. Murali said she is trying to support you and Kartik said Hima comes to know that Deepa is my wife. The upcoming episode of Karthika Deepam looking interesting and many fans are waiting for the upcoming episode. Every Monday to Saturday the television show airing on Star Maa at 07:30 pm.


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