A very famous and popular Indian Telugu Television Series which airs on Star Maa named Karthika Deepam. If you want to watch the latest episode of the television series then you can watch it on Star Maa at 07:30 pm. If you want to watch the show online on the OTT platform then the show also airing on Hotstar. So, you can entertain yourself by watching the most popular Telugu Show Karthika Deepam. The show running from a very huge time and regularly containing a very genuine piece of TRP. Many fans are regularly watching the episode to don’t miss the story of the show.

Karthika Deepam 16th november

The latest episode of Karthika Deepam starts with Deepa who comes back into Karthik’s life and his house. After knowing this Maunitha is not happy and she is all set to expose Saundarya and Deepa before Karthika. In the next scene, Maunitha seems to talk about Hima to Karthika that she is not an orphan but she is his biological daughter. She also said that Maunitha and Deepa know everything but they guard this secret from the whole family. A very high-octane drama is going to held in the upcoming episode and many fans are waiting to watch the next part of the story.

Later, Maunitha wants to give a very hard reply to Saundarya and show her what she is capable to do. On the other side, Karthika wants to send Deepa and Sourya away from the house. Karthika also tries to keep Deepa and Sourya away from the house. Hima has learned that Karthik and Deepa aka Vantalakka are a couple. So, she will able to order Karthika that lets Deepa and Sourya stay back at their house. After knowing all the crispy twists, one thing is confirmed that the upcoming episode of Karthika Deepam will be very interesting and amazing.

The television series Karthika Deepam starts in 2017 and regularly containing a very high TRP with the top position on TRP Charts. The star casts Nirupam Paritala and Premi Vishwanath are loved by many fans and all the viewers are love their performance in the show. If you want to watch the latest episodes of the television series then you can very easily watch the show on Star Maa and Hotstar. Karthika Deepam airing on Star Maa at 07:30 pm. So, don’t miss the latest episode and watch the story without any hesitation.


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