The “Karthikadeepam” episode starts with Hema show their console towards the Geet that Kartik will come back in the evening time. Hema said that I want him in my life as same as before. And I never want to hear about my parents. Saundarya said she behaves normally. Hema doesn’t know that she eats anything or not, I am like her dadi who gives the stress. Deepa keeps Hema in her lap and tries to make her understand and stop her from crying. So that they never see her tears and your father put the same thing which you want.

karthika deepam 10th november written

And he lives for you that is why she can’t go far from you so don’t cry. Deepa gets shocked to think did Kartik stay with her same as before. Saundarya sees Aditya and Sharavya came back home and she said to Sharya and Deepu to sleep in her room. Aditya shout. Deepa told Saundrya maybe Kartik is in his place. Aditya talks with her so rudely. Saundrya asks what happen. Aditya asks that when Kartik drops you and where and why you can’t inform me. I am not your son?

Saundrya said he doesn’t want to give any stress, Aditya you don’t say anything to me, Hema start questioning her parents but you don’t tell me about them. Saundarya said they don’t know that I don’t show. Aditya said you but them an orphanage but you deny to give the explanation to your brother. And where Kartik finds their parents and they come back? You make them mad, I am going to find out my brother.

Aditya leaves. Saundarya said everyone starts questioning me. If you have any questions, he goes inside without signing an audible but not audible. Saundrya said it is my biggest mistake to separate you with Hema because everyone playing with me and he felt that. Sharavan and Deepa support the children.

Saundrya calling someone. C. comes to Saundrya place and ask who is Kartik. Saundrya said that Kartik asks his kids and what happens to them. Mauna complained that Kartik is missing, C. Saundrya asks that who will complain to you. No one complaining from our family that how you received her complaint? What is your name C says Anand and asks him to call Kartik or show him proof that he is not missing. For more written episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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