Recently, an incident happened that make all the fans of Karol G worried about her health. Yes, the incident happened when she was performing in a live show but unfortunately she fell down on the stage. Just after a while, she continued to perform and entertain all her beloved fans.

Karol G Fell Down From Stairs In Live Show Viral Video

Let us tell you that the incident happened when she was performing in Miami on 26th November. The video of the incident was also recorded by some fans who went to attend her show and it went viral on social media platforms. There are many people continuously searching to watch the full video.

Karol G Viral Video

The video clearly shows that she was on the stage in full form with lots of energy. She was twirling after showing her body but when she rolls down, she lands on the ground. The incident was actually painful as she fell down from lots of stairs and the crowd also tensed for her health.

She is an energetic and dedicated artist because she stands up after taking some seconds and starts singing again. When she stands up, the energy of the crowd has been also gone above the sky. They shout very bravely when she stands up and continue her attitude to give an energetic performance.

When she fell down some stairs, some of her supporting dancers immediately run to her and give her support. Whatever happened in the live show was bad for the singer as her show was going on very well and she amused everyone a lot with her outstanding and superb singing skills.

Colombian Singer Karol G Fell Down From Stairs In Miami

So far, no official statement has arrived related to this small accident as many people continuously seek if the singer got injured after the incident. But, no official statement stated that the singer got injured when she fell down during the live show in front of thousands of people.

The news of her falling down from the stairs went viral instantly along with a video recorded by a fan. After the incident took place, many fans continuously talked about it in which some are talking in the right way but some criticized her. Many funny images of this incident appear on some social media platforms.

So, if Karol G talks about this incident, we will update every detail related to this matter. So far, she hadn’t spoken up about anything related to this incident. Let us also tell you that her full name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the trending incidents.


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