Here we get another tragic news of a father who sexually harasses her own daughter. As everyone knows that the number of rap cases in India is increasing continuously. With this, every day the news of a girl being a victim of misery comes out from somewhere. However, the news about which we are going to tell here is really very scary and shameful. Nowadays girls hesitate to go out of the house during night time but this cruelty happened with a girl in her house.

Teen Plans Father’s Murder to Protest Sexual Harassment

Let me tell you that her father himself had done this activity with the girl. This incident happened with the girl and her father in Bangalore, which is now being investigated thoroughly by the police. Let us also tell you that the name of her father is Deepak who was 45 years old. After the investigation began, we get that he married two times to two women. Along with this, he has two daughters from each wife.

Teen Plans Father’s Murder to Protest Sexual Harassment

At present, the police are probing this incident and trying to find out whether some other aspect is still hidden in this case. Let us tell you that Deepak had done this cruelty with his eldest daughter even once earlier, due to which he also had an argument with his wife. But this time when he was trying to commit a crime again with his elder daughter who is in college then his daughter called some of her friends and those three boys killed Deepak.

At present, the investigation of the case is going on and the police have taken the three boys into custody. After investigation, it has been found that Deepak’s first wife lives in Bihar and the second is related to Karnataka.

As we told you that after Deepak’s crime, three of his daughter’s friends killed him and now the police have arrested all three. The investigation of the case is still going on, in which perhaps more serious revelations are yet to be made.


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