Once again humanity was put to shame as six boys raped a minor girl in Dharwad district. Again the news is painful and everyone who heard about it is deeply saddened. At present all the culprits have been arrested and further proceedings are on. But still, there is only one question in everyone’s mind that for how long will we have to start our day after listening to this news.

Six Boys Arrested for Gang-Rape of Minor Girl in Karnataka's Dharwad

The number of rape cases is increasing continuously in India and the number of educated people is decreasing. Because even educated people are not lagging behind in doing all these cruel things. Everyone is troubled by the increasing number of rape cases day by day.

Six Boys Arrested for Gang-Rape of Minor Girl

At present, the Karnataka Police has caught all the culprits and is ready to appear in court. Let us tell you that the police have claimed that all the perpetrators are of below 18 years of age. All those six people together brutally raped a 15 years old girl and threatened her not to register an FIR.

Also, tell you that all the six boys raped that girl at different places. They threatened her repeatedly that if she took any action against them, they would tell all this to the girl’s family members.

But the girl was very scared and after a lot of questioning her family members found out the truth. On 26th December, the girl’s family registered a case at the police station and then the police arrested six boys.

Let us tell you that all the boys were found in Laxmisingankeri in Dharwad district and are currently in police custody. After arresting the boys, the police also ordered the girl’s medical examination and the reports are awaited. We will update all of you as soon as the reports of the medical examination of this matter come out.

The investigation team, led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Anusha G, did not disclose the names of the accused because they are still minors. Rape cases coming to the fore every day keep all the people in a stew.

But still, this number is increasing in India due to a lack of understanding among the people. Also, India tops the list of most raped countries in the whole world. It is not a matter of pride but to bow down in shame that we are illiterate even after getting such a good education.


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