On January 22, 2021, it was reported that a blast has happened in Shimoga Karnataka. The sound of this blast initially seems like an earthquake because of the huge vibration along with a sound as well. So far by the searching of the investigation team, the 5 Bodies have been recovered from the suspected place. According to the officials and Karnataka investigation team, the explosion was very high and that’s why the sound of this blast was listened to over 1-2 kilometers. There is much information available let’s have a look at each and every detail.Karnataka Shivmoga Blast: 5 Killed Owner Arrested Check Name & Details Of Dead Body

The explosion took place in Abbalagere village located along the Shivamogga-Hanagal state highway, which passes through Savalunga and Shikaripura. Shikaripura, 290 km from Bengaluru, is the home constituency of Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa.

As per the confirmation the blast was recorded at 10:30 PM and there is a tweet by Nirani “It is suspected that gelatin sticks in a truck near the stone quarry exploded, killing the laborers from Bihar,”. It was a Dynamite blast and as per assumptions there, a huge loss still remains to find out. The higher authorities have not yet accepted the death number and that’s why Shivamogga Deputy commissioner K B Sjhivakumar gave his statement “There are rumours that at least 10 to 15 people have died. Let the police complete their investigation,”.

After the Blast, the Karnataka media came into action and all the higher officials took action on it to find out the culprit behind this dynamite blast. After getting some clues Karnataka Police arrested Quarry Owner, Dynamite Supplier as per the order of Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai. In this regard, he gave his statement “There’s been some negligence by the quarry owner and the operators. Police have already arrested the quarry owner and the dynamite supplier. Probe is on,” Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said. The death number is yet to be disclosed by the investigation teams and when it comes to our knowledge we will put it here definitely.


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