After Kerala and Delhi, the Karnataka government started testing the plasma method for the treatment of critically ill patients who are infected by coronavirus infection from Saturday. Health Minister B Sriramulu and Medical Education Minister K.K. Sudhakar inaugurated the trial. The test is being done jointly with the private hospital Victoria and HCG in the city. The Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) and the Drug Controller had recently given permission to both hospitals for clinical trials of CPT.

The Health Department there said that the patients who have recovered from Coronavirus are stepping forward to give plasma. Over 150 patients have been cured in the state. He further said that he is hopeful that plasma therapy would be helpful in treating severe corona patients. Sudhakar said that he has always said that plasma therapy is useful for serious patients and there is a lot of relief from getting permission from the centre. We started the trial three to four days after getting permission.

Karnataka Government Started Testing

Sudhakar said that next week it will be used for the treatment of patients put on ventilators. After the test is successful, it will also be used in other hospitals in the state. Sriramulu hoped that CPT would be helpful in the war against Coronavirus.

There are 15 more people, including a journalist, have been found infected with the Coronavirus in Karnataka and with this, the cases of infection have increased to 489 in the state. The state government gave this information on Saturday. “A total of 15 cases of infection have been reported from yesterday evening to this afternoon. So far, 489 cases of infection have been confirmed. In this, 153 people have been discharged from the hospital after treatment and 18 people have died. ”

With that, the new hope has bloomed within the doctors with the plasma therapy coming to existence. In these tests, plasma is removed from the blood of patients who have been recovered of Covid-19 to cure the sick patients. Antibodies get created in the body’s of recovered ones which drives the virus away which can also be used for another patient. Researches suggest that it may help boost the immune system of the infected. Plasma trials have already been started on patients in many states of the country including Delhi where a Plasma test of four patients was done and its results have come positive.


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