Karela or Bitter Gourd: A Magical Thing To Lose Weight

weight loss, karela, bitter gourd

We all know that Karela is the best vegetable we have got in the market and this is the most nutritious vegetable among all other. Karela is known as bitter gourd also. What is the reason then? Why this vegetable is not liked by many? Karela is so bitter in taste and that is the main reason why majority of people stay away from this nutritious food.

weight loss, karela, bitter gourd

What does Karela have to make it magical. Karela has the perfect blend of nutrients and minerals like iron, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium. All these are blended in good quantity in the bitter gourd. Karela is also beneficial in protecting us from diseases and weight loss. Many people search ample of things which can make them fit and look attractive. After all Health is Wealth and maintaining that wealth keeps us in the race of life for a very long time.

It is also a source dietary fibre. According to the study, Karela also helps in burning the fat cells and dislocation of those cells. You can see the difference and will surely account it as the beneficial way of losing weight.

Karela also helps in curing Diabetes. As it maintains the blood insulin level. It is the best beverage that is present for the diabetic patients. It helps in the regulation process of insulin. Insulin is the hormone that controls the sugar level in the body. Then after consuming juice of karela, Insulin gets to work and sugar is not converted into fat and ultimately result in weight loss.



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