Karan sing grover and Jennifer winget ” one of the most popular and cutest couples ” of the Tv industry. Karan and Jennifer tied the knot on April 9, 2012 but after two years ago. Couples when they announced their divorce. Karan singh grover moved on and he is decided and quickly and married popular Actor Bipasha bashu. Jennifer winget decided to focus on her career.

Jennifer winget earlie since has given us reality shows Beyhaddh and Bepaanaah. Jennifer fall in love with her and she is the negative role of Maya in Beyhaddh people liked a Jennifer role of Maya. Jennifer winget is currently seen as Zoya in Bepaanaah colors popular show people really like it.

The shows has become a rage among the audience and people can’t stop gushing over. Her gorgeous looks and a acting chops. The show recently took a leap and we can’t wait to know more about it. Bepaanaah is quite popular and show has currently gone through a leap which makes it even the more exciting, But recently during an event.

Jennifer winget is playing the sweet demure lady like never before. The show recently took a leap and we can’t toh know more about it. But recently during an event , someone happened to ask Jennifer winget ex – husband Bepaanaah whether he likes yhe show watched yes or not! Karan singh Grover said that, i have not watched it. Have you watched it?. He says that tell me Hoe it was? . The actor got smitten after watching his ex- wife in the show Bepaanaah.

The Jennifer winget shared a picture social media. She is seen in a red colour fiery dress. Jennifer look pretty and bold make – up. Jennifer winget truly is a Beautiful lady..


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