Karan Aujla Attacked In Canada Punjabi Singer Karan Attack Video Viral Watch Online Here we are sharing a piece of breaking news, that Karan Aujla is being attacked in Canada. This news is a piece of shocking news for his fans. He has a good fan following among the people. He is a Punjabi singer, who is very popular all over the world. Just when the industry was all set to come out from the shooting incident of Parmish Verma that occurred last year guide to the delay of his couple of projects, the breaking news of Punjabi singer’s karan Aujla being attacked in Canada left all in shock. Here are several things for telling you about the incident, you are on the right page for knowing the right information. We will try to find out all the important points and details. Let’s continue the article, keep reading.

Karan Aujla Attacked In Canada Punjabi Singer Karan Attack Video Viral Watch Online

According to the news, Karan Aujla was attacked in Canada. Karan was going with Sandeep Rehan, the owner of Rehan Records, and singer Deep Jandu, sadly the incident occurred in Surrey, Canada, on Saturday. Let us tell you, Fortunately, the songster has survived the attack. What occurred after the unfortunate attack is quite shocking. At first, a Punjab-based gang took responsibility for the attack on Sunday, but suddenly they denied their own statement. Let’s take a look at the post of Davinder Bambhia,

Karan Aujla Attacked In Canada

He wrote “he wants to tell to all that as some issues are going on between Sandeep Rehan and Karan Aujla with their brother Sukhpreet Singh Budda, due to that they got z+ security to put pressure. The security did not go with them to Canada. Their brother Sukhpreet Budda, to teach them a lesson, and he made two attempts to attack them in a day in Canada.” After that post, a post was also shared on Sulkhpreet Budda’s page “that claims the incident of attack had not been carried out by Sukhpreet’s gang. They said the attack was cheap.”

On the basis of the available reports, Before a couple of the months on 16 March in Punjab, Sandeep Rehan was asked to pay 20 lakh Rs. He logged the report formally logged after the call. The gangster had the gut to threatened him. And he would either be attacked in India or in Canada. OCCU IG Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh told that the department is verifying both the posts and the location from where they have been made. So the investigation is in the process to find out the gangster. Stay tuned for more updates.


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