The reports are coming out from a stretch of Highway 11 that has been closed after a crash took place at the spot. A serious collision between two vehicles made the road blocked. According to the sources, three accidents are closing portion of Highway 11 this morning. Due to this accident, both directions have been blocked until the road is cleared and travelers have been moved to another direction. While both directions between Kapuskasing and Hearst are closed due to a crash. Well, there is no reports of any lose in the accident but the official confirmation has not been revealed yet.

Kapuskasing Accident Highway 11

According to the reports by OPP, the crash in Val Rita involves two commercial motor vehicles and there are no detours at this time. Until things get normal, Highway 11 remains closed in the Earlton area after a fatal crash north of Thornloe at around 8 AM in the morning. According to Ontario 511, it was closed from Englehart to New Liskeard. Most of the reports told that the incident took place in the morning at around 8 AM. Along with this, when the police received a call about this accident, the medical staff, and essential services rushed to the spot as soon as possible.

Kapuskasing Accident Highway 11

Not only this but last day, Highway 11 was closed for a few hours just south of Kirkland Lake after the collision between two commercial trucks. Along with this, a person was badly injured in this accident and rushed to the hospital due to his serious injuries. We don’t have many updates that where he was hospitalized or taken but his condition was worse at the time said, locals.

OPP also says that the collision is near Cemetary road which is situated between Latchford and Temagami. Both lanes were blocked by the transport and the traffic by cleared later by the team. Our sources are trying to search about the collision but are still, unable to provide updates. Since the updates were provided by OPP through their Twitter accounts, travelers have been facing problems reaching their destination due to collisions.

The police department and emergency team have been trying to investigate the case and soon, the roads will open for all the travelers. Along with this, it has not been disclosed how many people were stuck in the commercial vehicles. All the details will be reported later. Stay tuned with us to know more updates.


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