Debunked: Is Kanwal Aftab Dead? TikTok Star Death In car accident Hoax Explored: Recently, a video was posted on the internet that spread the news of Kanwal Aftab’s death. People have been perplexed after watching the ongoing viral video which is claiming that the famous social media influencer Kanwal Aftab has passed away. Since this news broke out, netizens have become perplexed and eager to learn what happened to Kanwal Aftab. Follow More Updates On

Kanwal Aftab

Is Kanwal Aftab Dead?

As many people are demanding a detailed article on the latest claims related to Kanwal Aftab’s life status, we have done a deep study and dug deep to gather details from the various reports. After reading and following numerous reports we prepared this article. You will be benefitted if you follow this blog till the last word so keep reading it and enjoy our research. The upcoming sections will help you to acquire information if she is alive or dead. Drag down the page.

Is Kanwal Aftab Death in Car Accident?

First of all, let us introduce Kanwal Aftab to you. Kanwal Aftab is a famous social media star. Kanwal Aftab is well-known for being a Vlogger, Travelling videos, and TikTok videos. She is quite famous on every major social media network such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms. Kanwal Aftab used to post her lip-syncing videos on TikTok and she posts her daily Vlogs on her Youtube channel. But recently her fans have been shocked after reading the news of her death.

Kanwal Aftab Death Hoax Debunked

Many rumors are spreading the news that Pakistani social media star Kanwal Aftab died after being involved in an accident. The good news is no official statement or reliable source has provided the same information as of yet which means this news could also be a hoax. And we are praying for Kanwal Aftab’s well-being. As there is no official information about her death and no major news agency has posted or claimed that Pakistani social media star Kanwal Aftab has died, we conclude that she is alive and doing good in her life.

Who Is Kanwal Aftab?

However, we are continuously working to get a fresh update on her whereabouts. We will surely give an updated information as soon as something comes up. As of 2022, Kanwal Aftab has become 24 years old and her exact date of birth is Jan 9th, 1998. Kanwal Aftab’s parents’ names are Aftab Ahmad and Mrs. Aftab Ahmad. While her fiancee’s name is Zulqarnain Sikandar. She is a resident of Lahore. Kanwal Aftab has done Mass Communication.


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