Many children in the primary school of the Sabon Gari area of Kano State lost their lives after an explosion went off. A suicide bomber entered the primary school in the Sabon Gari and blasted himself leaving several children killed and injured. According to the eyewitness who told to local media that the explosion, which hit Aba road in Sabon Gari also left many people injured. Well, the Kano State Commissioner of Police CP Sama’ila Dikko confirmed that it was an explosion but also said that it was not any kind of bomb blast.

Explosion Near Primary School Left Several

On social media, several people are claiming that a suicide bomber just attacked the primary school in ABA. A Twitter post reads,” A suicide bomber just attacked a primary school in ABA road by court road in Sabon Gari Kano just this morning. A lot of children are dead”. A video was also attacked with the tweet and many gave their reaction after people can be seen running and even a lifeless body of the person can be seen lying on the road. According to the official sources, the incident took place on Tuesday morning, May 17, 2022.

Kano Explosion Live Updates

Since the incident took place, several videos and images from the scene have been shared on social media and it is confirming the situation of the place and what actually happened? Some kids were seen injured in the videos and even, a lifeless body can also be seen lying on the road. The details of the explosion have not been confirmed yet but visuals from the scene show that it affected some nearby building and left several injured including school kids.

A crowd gathered at the scene after a few minutes of the incident with some people trying to help the injured and others mourning the passing of their loved ones. Kano State Commissioner said,” It wasn’t a bomb blast. It’s a gas cylinder explosion”. He added,” The seller’s ship is on the ground floor of the building where the school is located. So, when the cylinder exploded, it brought down the building and the pupils got injured. There wasn’t a bomb blast”.

Now, the police personnel and emergency services are trying to calm down the situation. Ganduje in a statement released by Commissioner for information, Mohammad Garba said that the incident happened at an animal feed store which is opposite a school along Aba Road in the Sabon Gari community.


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