Social media is created for the people who can connect with others on the Internet and stay in contact but because of some fellow’s careless and their arrogant behavior, the social media has become another platform and there are some names trending on social media and because of this, the people are searching for that topic on the Internet.

Kanina Kandalama Leaked Video

According to the sources, a popular celebrity and Tik Tok user Flhy Chiq Shaanah who is also known as Kanina Kandalama is going viral on social media and even, Facebook users are trying to search.

Kanina Kandalama Leaked Video

As per the sources, the private video of Flhy Chiq Shaanah went viral on the Internet and because of this, she is trending on the Internet among fans. If you don’t know about her so, let us tell you that Kanina Kandalama is an artist who is signed under Nexus Music Entertainment and she is reportedly on trend because of an alleged leaked video.

Along with this, the artist is also known as a popular Tik Tok star who captured huge attention among fans because of her amazing content. Users don’t want anything except something interesting as they can watch that but this time, the users get to see something ridiculous on the Internet.

According to the sources, Kanina Kandalama is one of the most popular and content creators of social media platforms, and let us tell you that the artist signed herself to Nexus Music Entertainment. In the starting of the year 2021, the artist, Kanina Kandalama sat down with EDAN on ZmbTalks and discussed her come up, Body shaming, and More.

Who Is Flhy Chiq Shaanah aka Kanina Kandalama?

Along with this, the singer is signed under the popular entertainment company, Nexus Music Entertainment, and her previous “Kicking” was well received by her fans and music lovers. Being a music sensation, she is famous among all her fans and now, her inappropriate video went viral. With this, the video was removed from all the platforms.

She began her career in 2017 and since then, she gained a massive fan base. She is not available in music but also love to appear in acting and modeling. The model is also running her own Youtube channel with the username “Kanina Kandalama” where she has more than 5K subscribers and 232K views on her videos.

Some of the fans are also searching about her age and relationship status but as per the picture assumes, she might be 20 to 24 years old. Her real name is Flhy Chiq Shaanah and now, she has become another trending name on the social media because of her leaked video.


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