There are lots of tempting and amazing content web series on the Internet and many fans have been enjoying this amazing web series for a very long time. Well, there are lots of platforms that have been releasing back-to-back web series for the fans and ULLU is one of them which is capturing a huge fan base across the nation.

kamar ki naap

In the last few months, the platform gave its comeback for the watchers. After that, the makers have released several web series and now, another web series is on the way to entertain the audience with lots of amazing series.

Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh Ullu Web Series

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Yes, ULLU just released the trailer of their new project titled Kamar Ki Naap – Charmsukh. The web series will release under the franchise of Charmsukh where lots of series have already been released and the rest of the series will be released in the upcoming months.

The makers have announced various information of upcoming web series. The trailer was released on October 10, and it has not been a single day and it gained more than 1 Lakh views along with 6.2K likes which is big news for the creators. Maybe, the craze of the series has been increasing among the fans. So, let’s find more details of the series.

Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh Epiosde, Review

The story of the series revolves around a newly married bride learning and when her husband gets to know about it, he forces her to take help from an experienced tailor Chinki. Chinki gets fascinated by the touch of females and fulfills her dreams with them and again, she gets fascination from the bride and when her husband will get to know about their reality. What will he think about this? It will be seen when the series will be released?

Kamar Ki Naap – Charmsukh:- Cast Members

Well, the trailer is showing three main characters including a newly married husband, wife, and Chinki. According to the sources, the name of the cast members has not revealed due to the personal reason but we can expect that soon, their names will be announced. It seems that they are coming first time in the ULLU series.

Kamar Ki Naap – Charmsukh:- Release Date

The trailer has been released and the makers always announce the release date of the web series with the official trailer and again they did the same. The release date has been announced and you can watch the full episodes of the series on October 15, 2021 on ULLU app. Along with this, you can also watch the web series on official ULLU website. But, to watch this series, you need a subscription of the series and then, can stream any web series of the platform.


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