Previously, a woman who is being dubbed ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ was accused of hitting Ijeoma Ukenta is proceeded to fall to the floor and cry emotionally in denial. Now there’s a new ‘Karen’ video that has gone viral on the internet, and this incident happened in Walmart. Now a video has gone viral that shows an incident between a ‘Karen’ and a black man called Ja’Shear Bryant at a Walmart Store in Moreno Valley California, on 12th July. The footage which is captured was shared on TikTok and Twitter. Ja’Shear Bryant has claimed that he heard a lady that he heard a lady who asked her son about the mobile in which he said he didn’t know.

kaiser Permanente “ACTIVELY Actively Investigating ”Viral Walmart ‘Karen’ Video

Then he said that she followed him outside Wallmart and accused him of stealing her son’s mobile phone which he denied. He has given a statement that “She runs up to me and says, ‘Excuse me, you have my son’s phone? I have shown her my phone and told them that this is mine. The reason I’m not leaving is that I am not having my phone. That’s why I am not leaving. She even complains to the store manager that I have stolen his son’s phone. I thought of justifying them by showing them my phone. She accused me of ‘racially profiling her”.

This is the whole statement that he has given. In the end of the video, her son walks over with his phone in his hand and said that no one stole my mobile and this is with me. He said that I left it in the car. I thought someone Stolen my mobile but I checked it in the car and found it there. That lady didn’t apologize and left the store. When she was leaving, she tells him f*** off whilst Ja’Shear tells her that he is going to “press charge”. Social media user’s quickly noticed that the uniform she was wearing indicates that she could work

for the healthcare company Kaiser Permanente, and they began tagging them with the video. Then Kaiser Permanente responded on Twitter which reveals that they are aware of the situation and started investigating. They said, “Thank you for sharing this video that has been brought to attention and we are actively investing it. The conduct in this video does not in any way reflect the views or beliefs of Kaiser Permanente. This has not been disclosed yet if Ja’Shear Bryant has pressed charges against the woman. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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