Ullu App bringing another fascinating web series title Kachra Games of Karma. Now, everyone knows that the ULLU App initiates a new series named Games of Karma in which they introducing new web series to always keep the audience engage to watch new stories. So, the romantic web series is on the way to amuse all the viewers.

Kachra Games Of Karma

All the web series of the OTT Giant entertaining everyone a lot and showing the very best story in which all the stars showing their fabulous performance on the characters of the series. The makers are very excited to see the response of the audience to the upcoming installment.


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Kachra Games Of Karma Ullu Web Series

The trailer of the series has been released on the internet and everyone already giving lots of love to the web series. The views of the trailer cross many limits and breaking all the previous records of the ULLU App.

Now, the previous web series of the app already bring heat to the environment and presenting worthy to watch content. The ensuing web series of the OTT Giant will be a perfect option for all the viewers who waiting to watch a great story with the super performance of the stars.

Kachra Games Of Karma Ullu Episode Review

The craze among the youngsters to watch the full web series is very high. The names of the stars who appear in the lead roles of Kachra Games Of Karma are given below.

  • Arina Dey
  • Rahil Azam

They both portraying the lead role of the series and it will be surely highly anticipated to watch their superb performance. The characters of the series that they playing are also amazing and we are sure that they will heat up the intact atmosphere by showing something exceptional in intimate scenes or any other sequence of the web series.

Talking about the story of the web series then it revolves around a couple who live their life with happiness and completed ten years. One day, they both celebrating an occasion of their anniversary then Sneha dances with Rajat’s friend. Rajat can’t tolerate this and yells at her in front of everyone.

After that, somehow Rajat leaves his phone at the house, and when he returned to take it, Sneha holding his phone and hearing the recordings with another girl. Now, what will happen next is actually highly thrilling and very amazing to watch. Kachra Games Of Karma will be releasing on 21st September 2021 only on ULLU App.


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