Goa Based EV Startup Kabira Mobility has announced the Hermes 75 commercial electric scooter to take care of the last-mile delivery needs of the customers. Here is a brief introduction of this EV scooter and what are the major advantages including the Price of various models of the scooter. Currently, the Kabira Mobility scooter is available for Rs 89,600 (ex-showroom, Goa). The official availability will start from the authorized showrooms only from June 2021.

Kabira Mobility Launched EV Scooter Images

The Hermes commercial scooter brings the high power energy of the 2,500W Delta hub motor which is absolutely enough for our delivery boys. Which will be paired with a 60V 40Ah lithium-ion battery. the amazing part about this EV scooter is Fast Charging which is the most impressive feature that comes with this scooter. It will charge the battery within 4hrs only and on the single charge it will cover up to 120km along with the top speed of 80kmph.

Kabira Mobility will offer fixed and swappable battery both options with Hermes 75 commercial electric scooter. According to the company, the fixed will easily provide up to 120km distance while the swappable battery will cover 80km in standard conditions.

Here is a statement that was released by the company officials over this brand new EV commercial scooter “Kabira Mobility is in sync with the Government of India’s vision of providing green mobility to all. With the launch of the Hermes 75, we intend to reach out to the last mile delivery partners and provide them eco-friendly mobility solutions. Low operational and maintenance cost will make it a right choice for the riders and partners as well,” Kabira Mobility CEO Jaibir Singh Siwach said.

The expected launch date will be in June 2021. Kabira Mobility had launched another two EV bikes in India. These two variants are KM3000 and KM4000 which got total of 6,000 bookings within a single day just after the announcement of bookings. It was seriously appreciable and shows the popularity of these models among bike. The official launch of this EV scooter is scheduled for June 2021 and when the scooter is available in Showrooms we will update you via our article. For more information stay in touch.


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