Kaatelal and sons is a story of two sisters who set up to change the perception of the world regarding what girls can and cannot do. Set in Rohtak, the girls choose the most unconventional career for girls-a hairdresser in a men’s salon. Today we will talk about upcoming episodes. Today we will see that Garima and Sushila are Scolded by their father and the dignity explains to his father that he only wants to help you. But his father says that you are both girls. You do not need to take any decision related to the shop outside. If you are so fond of taking decisions, then take decisions inside the house.

Kaatelal & Sons


In addition, he also says that my daughters will not wander near my salon. He says to his daughter if you don’t follow my instruction I will kill him. Then her daughter says to her father for forgiving her. Here we see a lot of drama at the moment, in the next scene both of the sisters discuss all the matters together and tries to find out the solution.

Late a young boy enters the house but Dharam Pal does not him enter in the house and says him to stay away from his house.   But he enters and says to him there is an important matter about his daughter, he might be in the swim about the news. The boy shows to Dharm Pal a picture of her daughter on his mobile. In the pic, he sees that his daughter is sitting with the boy on the Scooty.

He says many things about Shishila, added more he says your daughter is painting the town red in front of the whole society. He says he could not show this to all people, her father is pretty shocked after hearing all this, now we will see how Dharam Pal reacts to this. So let’s move forward to the timing of the show, which is 7:30 PM on SonySab.


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