The comedian serial of Sony SAB named “Kaatelal and sons” is getting very interesting every day. The TRP of the show is increasing high and high every week. The story of the two sisters is liked by the people very much. The current track is going very suspicious as the sister are trying hard to escape from this wedding situation. On the other side, Jagat is trying to ruin the image of Sattu. So that, he could insult Dharmpal. The sisters are struggling to cancel their marriage.

Kaatelal & Sons Written Update

In the previous episode, you have seen that Jagat sent his goons to kidnap Sattu as he wanted to insult Dharampal in front of the whole society. So he planned to destroy Sattu’s image. Jagat’s men kidnapped Sattu and inform him that work is done. Later, Jagat went to Dharampal’s house and tells him that this marriage can’t happen as Sattu has run away from the marriage. Dharmpal gets shocked to hear this. Later, Jagat Seth informs him that he had left a letter. Jagat Seth reads the letter in front of everyone in which written that he is running from the marriage as he doesn’t want to marry Garima. He calls Garima, a stupid girl. He will not marry a girl like her.

Dharmpal gets tensed and stands num. Jagat’s goons are giving a tough time to Sattu. They take him to some unknown place. Sattu was unconscious. When he gets in his senses. He tries to save his life from the goons. He gets into an extreme fight and manages to save his life from them. In today’s episode, you will see that Garima’s uncle calls Dharampal and informs him that he found Sattu. He says that Lallan and Chunnilal are buying the clothes for Sattu and directly reaches the wedding venue. He says to Dharampal that you keep ready the Pandit.

Garima thinks if Sushila gets trapped in Jagat’s trap, everything will be destroyed. Garima’s brother changes the time in everyone’s phones and watches. After some time, Sattu reaches the house. Garima and all the family members get happy to see him. Meanwhile, Pandit comes there and says that the wedding’s time has passed. The sisters get happy to hear. But Dharmpal says he doesn’t care about the time. The wedding will happen today at any cost. Don’t forget to watch Kaatelal and sons on Sony Sab at 7:30 pm.


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