Today we are going to talk about sab tv’s famous show titled Kaatelal & Sons. Let us tell you that this is a high TRP show which is currently at number 1. This is a family show which everyone watches with great enthusiasm and people are often waiting for the written update of this show, so today we will share with you some details of the upcoming episodes of this show. Let us know what new drama is going on in the show and how Susheela and Garima will get rid of this drama. So, it will be a little amazing to watch the upcoming episode because the story going on very interesting.

Kaatelal & Sons Today's 11th January 2021 Episode

The matter of Garima, Susheela, and Gannu, Sattu affair is going on and they both are trying to handle the situation. Everyone knows that they are the sisters themselves and they change their dress and look to handle the saloon. Her father does not allow the girls to manage the saloon because they are girls. After the matters come in front of their father then he fixed their marriage with Gannu and Sattu. Both the girls are trying to overcome the problem and want to make their life as simple as before.

The upcoming episode of Kaatelal & Sons starts with Jagat Seth who playing cards with two other people and suddenly Dharampal calls him and tells him to come to his house to meet him. After the call cuts, then Jagat’s friend tells him that you save Dharampal’s girls and this is the reason Dharampal impresses with you and wants to meet you once. After that, Jagat thinks Dharampal expelled Gannu and Sattu. So, the saloon now empty and nobody can handle the saloon now. Jagat thinks that Dharampal gives the ownership of the saloon to Jagat.

In the next scene, Garima and Susheela asking each other that what their father wants to do. After that, A child asks Dharampal that you will not expel Gannu and Sattu from the shop, for do they lie that they are orphans. Later, Dharampal wants to go home to Gannu and Sattu but they are shocked after hearing this because they have no home. Kaatelal & Sons will be airing on Sony Sab TV at 07:30 PM IST from Monday to Friday. So, if you want to watch the forthcoming episode of the show then just wait for a few hours and after that, you will able to know the complete story of the episode. For further updates and details about shows, we are here always available for all the users.


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