There is lots of drama going on in the show and audiences are loving it, as we have seen the last episode, Jagat shows the picture of Dharmpal Daughter Susheela with the boy sitting together on the scooter after looking at the pictures her father feels ashamed now we will know whats happen ahead in the upcoming episode of the show. Through this post, you will know the latest update of the show and upcoming twist So stay on the same page.

Kaatelal & Sons

The upcoming episode starts with Daughter’s because both Garima and Susheela talk to their father that both of them do not want to get married yet, their age is not married but father says that if you do not love him, then you should have told me earlier because now your marriage is fixed. Susheela tells her father that if I had known that booking was done by sitting on a scooter, we would never have sat on that scooter.

In the next scene, Dharmapal Says that if your filmy drama is over, should I say something? In the whole society, no one has dared to say something about Dharmpal’s Daughter despite this Jagat said plenty of things. If I do not take any action against this then the whole society will not respect us moreover defame us Because these pictures have captured in everyone’s mind. Dharmpal Says to his daughters you did what you wanted now it’s my turn I will do what I want to do, it is my final decision.

Now in the next scene, we see both of the girls and one is in the get up of boys, they plan together how to escape from the situation. Garima and Susheela discuss all the matter together now it will be interesting to see how they cancel the marriage through fake calling. Will her father agrees or she will have to get married. The audience will find it, in an upcoming episode or in our next written update. Do watch this full episode on Sony Sab at 07:30 Pm.


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