The episode starts with Sattu says tells Dharmpal that they need to leave before Susheela arrives here. He says that Gunnu is already upset after his relation broke with Susheela. If he will see Susheela then it would give him heartache. Gunnu says that he is saying all this not to give you stress. Dharmpal says I have a solution to this, he says that his friends’ daughter is young and they are looking for a suitable boy for their daughter. He says that Gunnu would be the best choice for their daughter. he asks them to wait as his friend is coming with his daughter. Sattu says that we will wait for them. Jagat arrives there with the band- Baja.Kaatelal & Sons 16th January 2021 Today's Latest Episode Written Update Spoiler Alert

Everyone is upset and says that if he will do anything wrong then they will not spare him. Jagat says that he is here to give a maintenance charge. Dharmpal asks Jagat his purpose of coming with band Baja. Jagat says that he wants to end this fight at the Lohri celebration. He asks for the Lohri from Dharmpal. Jagat dances on the band and then he makes a plan against Dharmpal. He says himself that this will be the last night of your happiness as he will destroy everything. Then Sattu calls the doctor and says poetry to him. Then chacha ji arrives at that room where sattu was talking. He asks him what are you doing here? He says that my phone’s battery was low so I came here to charge my phone.

Jagat makes another plan against Garima. He thinks of using Vikram against Dharmpal’s family. Sittu says to Dharmpalthat you have loved us like a father. Dharmpal says that you are not alone, I am your father from now. He hugs Sittu and Gunnu and says you will always be in my heart. They feel emotional and says he needs to go now. Dharmapal asks him to meet Garima before he leaves. Sittu says that he has already spoken to Garima. Gunnu touches the feet of Dharmpal to take blessings.  Vikram is looking for Gunnu. He calls him and he sees that Garima coms to him. Vikram says that he has seen Gunnu coming inside the house. Garima says that he has already gone outside.

Vikram is sure about it that he has seen Gunnu coming inside the house. He says that he also heard his voice. He is not convinced with Garima. Garima asks him why he came here, he says that he is here to deliver maintenance fees. Garima talks to herself that she loves Vikram and says that it is easy to confess her love towards him. Later Sukhbir surprises everyone with his entry in the Lohri celebration. Bau ji says that he is the one who left his home in childhood. Garima saya that he is a Punjabi singer and also knows as King of Bhangra. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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