The most prominent Comedy show of Sony SAB named “Kaatelal and Sons” is getting so much love from the fans. The show always appears on top of the TRP list. The sisters are getting so much love for their interesting ideas. The current track of the story is loved by the people as the audience is eager to wait for the next episode. So, we have brought for you the written update of today’s episode. In today’s episode, you will see that Sushila is so excited to meet his Hooda Sahab and Jagat Seth is all set with his next plan.

Kaatelal & Sons

Previously, you have seen that both the sisters are so happy after marriage got cancel. Sushila says that the marriage is postponed only for some time. Garima says that till then we will find another way to get rid of this problem. Sushila gets to know that her favorite actor is coming to her city. She gets very happy and starts dancing. Garima says that she will escape from the Lohri Pooja. Sushila says yes and says that you will make some excuse to father. Garima says that she will not help her but Sushila says that no one will stop her to meet Hooda Sahab and sleeps. Jagat decides that he wishes Lohri to Dharampal. He also thinks about his new plan.

After that, Dharampal says that calls Sattu and invites him for pooja. Sushila says that there is no need to invite him. Dharampal says that no. Sushila and Garima get worried to hear. They reach the shop. Sushila says that she will not listen to anyone and goes to meet Hooda. Sushila went from the shop to think about the new plan. Sushila calls Doctor and asks for help. She says he has to come to my house and asks Dharampal to celebrate Lohri with him and cuts the call. Dharampal’s friend comes for giving him Lohri wishes.

In today’s episode, you will see that Sushila is very excited to meet Ranbir Hooda and says today she is not Sattu, not Dharampal’s daughter and nor Garima’s sister, today she is only Sushila, who is going to meet Hooda. Jagat is also planning to insult Dharampal and now he wants to teach a lesson to Garima and Sushila. So, don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of Kaatelal and Sons. Stay connected with us for further updates.


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